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For almost a decade, the professionals at Noise Consulting have been helping businesses and organizations succeed. Through personalized support, we become an extension of your team, functioning as your very own IT department for business. How? With a skilled team of professionals who have the training, experience and tools to support you, AND the business knowledge to understand why it's critical.

Do you want to improve productivity or eliminate wasteful spending? Is there important data that should be protected? Interested in managed services? Can we apply technology to solve a challenge that you face? We understand business and are in a position to successfully support you. It will be a pleasure to learn how we can help.

Systems Integration & Maintenance



Systems Integration & Maintenance

Capturing the business benefits of technology investments requires not just selecting the right software or technology partner, but requires a full lifecycle approach to systems integration and maintenance.  Successful systems integration efforts entail not just the successful deployment of a specific technology package, but require the thoughtful placement of that package within the context of the company's technology eco-system.  This type of holistic approach brings a clear understanding of the impacts associated with introducing new technology solutions to a company, and also allows for a more complete understanding of the scope of work, costs, and benefits of the investment.   

Businesses can benefit from extending this same type of holistic approach to considerations of how best to maintain and upgrade technology over time, and how to structure support organizations and processes accordingly.  Support organizations and processes come in all different forms, from in-house IT staff to product warranties to outsourced application support all the way to full business process outsourcing arrangements.  The key to capturing value out of these arrangements is in understanding how support and maintenance needs fit within the broader goals of the organization.   

The Solutions Delivery Group at Noise Consulting combines in-depth industry expertise and technology acumen to offer a full range of integration and system maintenance service models that allow us to support the unique needs of any client. We partner with our clients to customize our service options so that they are in line with the broader strategic, operational, and financial goals of their organization.

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Application Development & Maintenance

Optimizing Application Development and Maintenance Reduces It's IT Budget Impact

In 2014 Gartner published a study revealing ADM accounts for 34 percent of organizational IT budgets. The study found optimizing ADM by following best practices across the application and sourcing lifecycle could reduce ADM costs by more than 50 percent. The study made 3 key recommendations to optimize ADM and cut costs.

  1. Consolidate your ADM suppliers.
  2. Right size your ADM team.
  3. Drive continuous optimization through benchmark metrics, Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements.

Has your company taken the necessary steps to reduce ADM's impact on your IT budget?

Noise Consulting Group,Inc., a utility industry focused leader in providing professional services, is proud to offer your business our Application Development and Maintenance services. Our consultants have decades of experience providing ADM services to our clients. Our ADM group consists of seasoned project management, software development and application support professionals with deep experience in the domains we serve.

Our team will help you consolidate your ADM suppliers by performing an application portfolio analysis allowing proper alignment of your applications by business domain. We will right size your ADM team through proper alignment of ADM skills to the business domain, accurately size application development and support services and provide domain experts to support your day to day application development and support activities. We will work with you to identify KPIs and put into place contractual SLAs based on agreed upon benchmarks enabling Noise Consulting Group, Inc. to provide ADM services unmatched in the industry.

Application Lifecycle Management

Managing the Application Lifecycle from Inception to Retirement

Application Lifecycle Management is not limited to the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) but encompasses the entire lifecycle of software applications from inception to retirement.                                                        

We at Noise Consulting have consultants with decades of experience providing Application Lifecycle Management services to our clients. Our Application Lifecycle Management group consists of seasoned professionals with deep experience in the domains we serve.

Our team of industry experts can assist you in developing business cases for new application development or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) implementations, provide project management professionals who will manage the day to day development and implementation activities, provide software development professionals who will design, develop, configure, test and deploy your custom applications and provide an operations staff to support day to day management of your software applications.  Contact us at today.


Packaged Software Implementation


You've Made Your Packaged Software Selection. Where Do You Go From Here?

The selection of a Packaged Software Solution can be a very stressful time in a company. There are many drivers and competing interests involved in the selection process. Eventually your company will come to a consensus and a vendor will be selected whose product best fits your business needs. What now?

Planning for a packaged software implementation project can be intimidating. A project plan needs to be put into place, requirements workshops need to be conducted, analysis needs to be performed, system design specifications need to be written, and the list goes on.

The following define the phases to a successful packaged software implementation..

  1. Planning - develop an implementation strategy.
  2. Workshops - requirements gathering sessions conducted with the business.
  3. Analysis - assess as-is state, to-be state, and perform gap analysis.
  4. Design - define configuration and customization, data conversion strategy, integration interfaces and test cases needed to achieve business objectives.
  5. Build - configure the system. develop data conversion and integration interfaces.
  6. Test - execute the test plan and remediate errors.
  7. Go-live - implement the system in a production environment.
  8. Post Go-live Support - support of the production system for contracted period of time.

We at Noise Consulting have our Packaged Software Implementation Group consisting of consultants who have decades of experience leading implementations of Packaged Software solutions from Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft, to name a few.  Contact Us at today and let us help you implement your Packaged Software.

Custom Application Development


Customized Application Development to Meet Your Evolving Business Needs


In today's economic climate companies, big and small, are diligently working to extend the life of the systems supporting their day to day operations. At the same time, regulated and deregulated markets are pressuring companies to deliver new products and services in the markets they serve. Frequently, these new product and service offerings extend beyond the capabilities of the existing systems in place. Do you find your company facing a similar problem? How is your company going to extend the life of these systems and meet market demands?

The answer, Custom Application Development. It allows companies to enhance, extend and augment the capabilities of their current systems. Quite often, Legacy and COTS systems can be enhanced to support new products, services and the business processes supporting them. When enhancements aren't an option standalone applications need to be developed to support new product and service offerings.

Custom Application Development is the cornerstone for extending the service life of software and system investments. Allowing businesses to increase their ROI, while delivering excellent service levels to their customers by providing extensive product and services portfolios they demand.

Noise Consulting Group,Inc., a utility industry focused leader in providing professional services, is proud to offer your business our Custom Application Development services. Our consultants have decades of experience providing custom solutions to real world problems. Our Custom Application Development group consists of seasoned software development and software engineering professionals with deep experience in the domains we serve.  Contact Us at today.

IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture


Aligning IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture with Your Long Term Objectives


IT organizations are challenged on a daily basis with delivering applications and solutions that meet current and future needs, objectives and goals of the business. IT leaders must put into place strategic plans that facilitate and support the short and long term directives of the company's leadership.

A well developed IT Strategy will establish the direction of the IT organization, identify current capabilities and deficiencies, identify the assets required to fill any deficiencies and identify sourcing options for those assets. It will establish service delivery plans, service level agreements, resource plans and training plans.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a strategic planning process that aligns Business and IT Strategy.  EA is a holistic practice for conducting analysis, design, planning and implementation to successfully develop and execute strategic objectives by applying architecture principles and practices. EA practices guide organizations through the transformations required to execute their business and IT objectives

Noise Consulting Group, Inc., a utility industry focused leader in providing professional services, is proud to offer your business our IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture services. Our consultants have decades of experience developing IT strategies and enterprise architecture. Our IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture group consists of seasoned professionals with deep experience in the domains we serve.  Contact Us at today.

Managed Services

The marketplace is full of examples of businesses that made major investments in technology solutions or outsourcing arrangements without realizing tangible benefits to their operations or their bottom line. Multi-million dollar investments go to waste through a failure properly to prepare the business for managing and leveraging those investments.

Noise Consulting works with companies to ensure that investments in systems and technology do not go to waste. We assist our clients with developing proper control systems, operating procedures, and training regimens to manage new technology and outsourcing arrangements, without any of the conflicts of interest that can arise from utilizing large firms in this capacity. We bring an unbiassed, expert approach to the development of the type of managed services organization that can ensure that your business captures all of the benefits from its strategic investments.

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